Welcome to KINRGY

KINRGY is a community dedicated to transforming lives through energy in motion. We generate wellness tools to catapult you into living your most extraordinary, authentic life--daily. Our offerings and curriculum strive to help you connect with and celebrate your true self, enhance the lives of those around you, sending an energetic ripple across the planet and unite us as one global community.

We invite our community to connect with themselves from the inside out using our KINRGY trifecta. Use Movement to silence the mind’s chatter, connect with your physical body. Engage in diverse Breath techniques to stimulate the brain and nervous system Activate your Imagination to tap into the inner child and expand into the realm of infinite possibilities. This powerful trifecta elicits you to surrender your mind to your body and arrive in an expanded state known as the KINRGY State – an optimal state for deep, energetic awareness and transformation.

We believe we are nature by nature. The natural elements – Earth, Fire, Water, Air – live within us and around us. Our brand is centralized around our signature method, KINRGY X, a movement experience inspiring us to understand and connect with the natural element within us.



The EARTH is our foundation, our inner


FIRE unleashes our confidence, through
primal, high-intensity cardiovascular
aerobic movements.


WATER invites us to find our flow, unlocking
creativity, and sensuality.


AIR is our breath, our life force, and
connects us to the vast open space of


AETHER is the full-body surrender, let the
present moment wash over you.


"Have you ever asked yourself—how can I be more confident? Fit? Energized? Happy? Or more importantly, how can I live my most extraordinary life?"

Julianne Hough, our Founder, created KINRGY as a method to help us discover our unique answer to these questions. Over the years, Julianne has tried just about every fitness and wellness practice out there. Through this journey, she found the quickest and most sustainable way to connect with your greatness is through dance. Our bodies are designed to move – our pure expression is revealed through dance. When our focus shifts to expressive movement, we step out of our analytical minds and begin to connect with our intuition, inner child and the messages our body is trying to convey. The power of expression, connecting to our inner knowing unlocks catharsis, joy, freedom and eventually energetic transformation. When we move-- and embrace our authentic expression, anything is possible.

Come move with us!


Julianne Hough



Awaken and strengthen your body.
Your body is your language.

Movement is a form of celebration, appreciation, and pure authentic expression. Our bodies don’t lie – when you surrender your mind to your body, the language of your body begins to express as you find more freedom and understanding of who you truly are. Less thinking, more feeling.


Inhale confidence and exhale doubt.
Your breath is your life force.

Every living being on this planet has the powerful tool of breath. Breathing detoxes, recalibrates and invigorates your life force energy. It activates your parasympathetic nervous system, moves stagnant energy and enhances your brain power. Our specific breath patterns open up energetic pathways and nourish you from the inside out.


Expand into infinite possibilities.
Your Imagination is your freedom.

When we awake our imagination we awaken our inner-child. Growing up, we were told many things that swayed us from our authentic self. When we activate our imagination, not only are we reimagining and reprogramming our limiting beliefs, but we’re also giving ourselves permission to play full out. Let’s reconnect to our childlike wonderment, get creative, and just PLAY. That’s where the magic happens.


$30/month connects you to On-Demand KINRGY X, 
plus live events and more! 


Unlimited classes for
just $30/month