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Transform Your Life with Conscious Fitness

by: Jaime Hollander
8th April - 2021 / 7 min read

Experience the KINRGY Trifecta: Movement, Breathwork, and Expression.

Are you looking for a workout that goes beyond the body — movement that taps into the subconscious, quiets the chatter of the mind, and allows you to connect with the body-brain — a space where the physical, mental, and energetic collide? We’re excited to tell you that it’s possible. Conscious fitness takes your workout beyond the body into the realm of energetic health.

Conscious fitness? Energetic health?

That’s right! When you move your body, you’re breathing life into your energetic health, whether you realize it or not. Movement releases stagnant energy in the body by shaking loose the traumas and triggers that we store in our bodies, allowing them to travel to the conscious mind so that they can be processed and released.

This experience is central to KINRGY and part of the KINRGY trifecta: Movement, Breathwork, and Expression.


How do you approach conscious fitness? 

Movement is a form of celebration, appreciation, and pure, authentic expression. Our bodies don’t lie. When you surrender your mind to your body, the language of your body begins to speak, offering you more freedom and an understanding of who you truly are.

Less thinking. More feeling. 

As you awaken and strengthen your body, you begin to learn the language that it speaks. As you become fluent in your own body’s communication, your self-awareness and self-confidence begin to blossom. Have you ever experienced moments where your shoulders are tensed up, and as soon as you noticed, you were able to relax them? Sometimes we subconsciously hold that tension for a long time before these bodily feelings register in our minds. 

“As you become fluent in your own body’s communication, your self-awareness and self-confidence begin to blossom.”

As you practice conscious fitness, you promote a body awareness that allows you to acknowledge what your body is telling you much quicker, allowing you to practice tuning into your intuition and what your soul needs. The language of your body is a subtle one. The more you tune in, the louder and clearer it gets.

expanded fitness

Boost your energetic health
Allow conscious fitness to transform your energetic health by committing to a movement practice that synergizes the trifecta — Movement, Breathwork, and Expression — where you arrive in an expanded state known as the KINRGY State, an optimal state for deep internal connection and expression.

“Our bodies are designed to move – our pure expression is revealed through dance. When our focus shifts to expressive movement, we step out of our analytical minds and begin to connect with our intuition, inner child, and the messages our body is trying to convey. The power of expression – connecting to our inner knowing – unlocks catharsis, joy, freedom, and eventually energetic transformation. When we move and embrace our authentic expression, anything is possible.”                – Founder Julianne Hough

This involves precise movements that put form first while also giving you plenty of room to activate your imagination and play. Play is essential for growth. Form is vital for mindfulness and safety. As you begin to develop more body awareness, the more play you can incorporate. Think of it as learning a language or learning to run. You first need to understand and explore the mechanics of the thing. As you hone on those foundational skills, you can start to add on, follow an improvisational curiosity, and further tap into the messages your spirit is trying to share with you.

move. breathe. imagine.

The benefits of conscious fitness
We all know that you need to move your body to give it the best chances for a healthy life. When you add in intention, you elevate your experience, way beyond just moving for the sake of moving.

Why do you need conscious fitness in your life? It offers:

  • Less anxiety! When you practice intentional, playful, and carefree movement, you allow your mind to stimulate the vagus nerve and drop into the parasympathetic nervous system. You know the one. This system is responsible for bringing you out of fight or flight and bringing you back to yourself and this moment. And exhale. Optimization of health. Just like you optimize a phone — battery charged, excess storage emptied, energy-sucking apps paused — you can optimize your health through conscious fitness.
  • A boost in self-confidence! The more you awaken your body and soul language, the more connected you feel with yourself. As you let go of self-judgment, tap into your creativity, and release that inner child through dance, play, and conscious fitness, the more amazing you’ll feel.
  • Increased awareness of your body’s language. As you move — quite literally — through this experience, you’ll start to recognize what your body is telling you and what it needs. Fluency in the language of bodies, your body specifically, is a connection to your energetic health, your intuition, and your capacity to expand your horizons.

transform your life through conscious fitness

This is so much bigger than a workout
We’ll say it again. Conscious fitness is so much bigger than just a workout. When you’re in tune with your body, you can connect with and celebrate your true self, enhance the lives of those around you, and send an energetic ripple out across the planet, uniting us all as one global community! Get started today with a KINRGY X class. It’s a full-body, immersive experience that takes you through a journey of dance, meditation, breathwork, and strength training.

Conscious fitness isn’t just a workout. It’s a movement.
Welcome to the age of Expanded Fitness.
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Jaime Hollander